Care of Your Lumiere Shade – Lumiere Shades

Care of Your Lumiere Shade

Once you have received your shade, gently open it, and stretch out the shape.

Your lightbulb selection is essential because our lanterns create an ambient light that is soft, warm, and gentle. The ideal lighting is a romantic, soft glow, so the bulb you choose should complement your shade.

We recommend a warm colour temperature with low lumens for a lovely soft amber light. This lighting is perfect for bedrooms and lounging areas. In dining, and other areas that require more light, we recommend a bright neutral bulb with a mid-range lumen.


There are three basic bulb light levels:

  • Mood lighting (about 40 watts) 
  • Task lighting (about 100 watts) 
  • Average lighting (often 60-75 watts)

These stunning bubbles of light add a uniquely beautiful design element to your interiors. We are so proud of what we have created.

We hope that you love your new light shade as much as we’ve loved creating it for you.