Handmade with love

We take so much pride in bringing you our shades.

We wanted to create a beautiful range of shades using cottons, linens and unique prints. Handcrafted slowly and carefully to ensure a beautiful, one-off product.

We worked closely with a very talented Melbourne textiles designer to get the prints just right and use a natural dying process to ensure our ethos of careful and thoughtful production was upheld.

Each design is original and we screen print our designs using natural dyes onto cotton. The small team of 7 experienced artisans then make the rattan frames to our custom sizes.

This process is done by hand and our fabrics are dried in different weather conditions, we ask that you please bear this in mind as there may be very subtle colour difference in batches.

When complete, the shades compress flat for easy shipping and storage.

Once you have received your shade, open up the shade and gently stretch out the shape.

Your lightbulb selection, this is the only tricky part to assembling your shade, as there's nothing more disappointing than switching on your new light only to find yourself dazzled by the bright white light, rather than the warmer, ambient and romantic glow you had in mind.

So we suggest a warm colour temperate with low lumens for a lovely soft amber light perfect for bedrooms and lounging areas and for dining and other working areas a bright neutral light with a mid range lumen.

Quick reference - three basic levels - mood lighting (about 40 watts), task lighting (about 100 watts) and the in-between or average lighting (often 60-75 watts).

These beautiful bubbles of light add a very special element to your interiors and we are so proud of what we have created.

We hope that you love your new light shade. x

Handmade lanterns Handmade Lanterns Handmade Lanterns Handmade Lanterns


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